DragonPad New US Black keyboard for ASUS

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Compatible with ASUS G51 G51J G51J3D G51Jx G51VX , U50 Series:U50 U50A U50Vg U50F, UX50 Series:UX50V, G53 series: G53JW , G60 series:G60J G60Jx G60Vx, G72 G72GX, G73 G73JH, X61 X61GX X61Q X61Sf X61SL X61SV X61Z, F50 F50Gx F50sf F50Sv F50Z, F70 F70SL ,N50 N50Vc N50Vg N50Vn ; N51 N51A N51TE N51TP N51Vf N51Vg N51Vn N53 N53JF N53JQ N53JG N53JL N53JN, N61 N61Vn N61VF N61Jv N61Jq N61Ja N61Da, N70 N70Sv ,N71 N71Ja N71Jg N71Jv N71Vg N71Vn, N73 N73JG N73JN N73JF N73JQ, K52 K52F K52J K52JB K52JC K52JE K52JK K52JR, K53 K53S K53X, K73 k73e k73s k73y, X52DE X52J VX7, X66, X66IC X66W Series, 04GNYI1KUS01-1/AEKJ3U00120 Series Laptop

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