Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510 (Black)

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Equipped with a best in class soft touch bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard can be charged via the enclosed mini-5 pin USB Cable. The 500mAH Smart lion-polymer battery is capable of keeping your keyboard running for days. Magnetic clips: controlled easy to open and safe for your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ultra low profile/ Light Weight/ Portable. Anti-Slip secure grab with design with premium durable Synthetic leather finish. Bluetooth soft touch mini keyboard powered by 500 mAH Lion-Polymer smart battery fully charges in 3 to 3.5 Hours (Last for Days!!!).Tested and easily connects to your Samsung Galaxy Tab (instruction included).On/off switch to control the keyboard power status and reserve power. Keyboard works with other Bluetooth products. Energy saving keyboard sleep mode. Charging cable included.

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